Concrete Repair at Local Sugar Land School

Concrete Repair at Local Sugar Land School

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A local elementary school contacted us in need of concrete repair in Sugar Land. They explained to us that the concrete sidewalk near the bus lanes had been damaged. They were unsure of the cause of the damage, but were concerned with the safety of their students. The concrete had began to crumble, and had a number of uneven sections. We explained that we were happy to assist them with the concrete repair, and assured them that we delivered professional concrete paving and pavement maintenance services alongside our repairs.

Our team visited the school the following week to evaluate the pavement damage. After we arrived, we were able to determine that the concrete repairs would be localized, as the damage was not widespread. However, we did recognize that the damage was severe enough that we would need to section off the area to reduce any risk of injury.

Our team worked very closely with the school maintenance team and administrators in order to complete the job with as little impact as possible. Our team understands how important pavement repairs are, especially when it can impact visitors or customers.

By the time that we had completed the concrete repair, the area was completely accessible and the pavement was restored. We made sure to provide the school with proper pavement maintenance strategies to best maintain the overall health of their pavement.